Troubleshooting Problems with Your Order

A. Once you have logged in, please click the “Edit Profile” on the right side of the page. There you will find the fields where you can easily enter a new user ID and/or password.

A. On the log-in page (the first page you see when you link to the Shafer wine store) you will see a link called “Forgot your user ID or password?” Please click that link. You will be instructed how to get your user ID and password emailed to you.

A. Shafer Vineyards will coordinate with your third party shipper to transfer your wine to their warehouse. Please contact the shipper you selected for delivery information.

A. The Shafer store only tracks information regarding your online orders not older orders that were placed using our paper forms. If you have questions about your orders placed over the phone, via fax, or at the winery, please call the winery at 707-944-2877.

A. This problem occurs when the email address you’re using is not the email address on your Shafer account. If you can still access your other email address, please try using it. If not, please call us and we’ll be happy to update your records: 707.944.2877.

A. The most common reason is that the address you have listed under "billing address" does not match the address on record with your credit card company. You may have inadvertently entered a work address, a second-home address or a shipping address that is not recognized by your credit card. In some cases a street name has been misspelled or a zip code entered incorrectly.

Other common reasons an order can fail:

  • you have entered an incorrect expiration date
  • you have entered a cardholder name not recognized by your credit card
  • your card has expired

Once you have updated your account information, try your order again. If it still does not go through, please call us at 707.944.2877 or send an email to We can either help you complete your order online or we can simply take your order over the phone.

A. Shafer’s online ordering system is similar to the traditional printed order forms in that it’s designed for one-time use. Our wine is produced on a limited basis and this ordering method allows us to manage our allocations.

A. We apologize for this. For the moment the best way to place your order is to contact the winery directly. We are still working through some software challenges related to orders outside the U.S.

A. Our card processor automatically declines all failed purchases. What this means is that you will not be charged for those failed orders. What you're seeing online is that credit card companies “hold” funds pending settlement. Because those pending charges were declined on our end they will not settle. The “holds pending settlement” should drop from your account within a few days. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything Shafer can do to reverse this action by your card company since we did not initiate the charge.