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THE TASTE — New York Podcast Series

Doug Shafer and Giovanni Manetti

Chianti Vintner
Fontodi winery owner talks the beauty of Chianti Classico

Doug Shafer and Marilisa Allegrini

Verona Vintner
On compelling Allegrini wines she makes throughout Italy

Doug Shafer and Kyle MacLachlan

Pursued By Bear owner on acting and Washington wines

Doug Shafer and Cleo Pahlmeyer

Cleo Pahlmeyer 60 minutes

Cleo Pahlmeyer grew up in Napa then headed to the East Coast and later to London to pursue her love of art history. By 2008 though, she’d developed an interest in the world of wine. She applied for an entry level job at her father’s winery, Pahlmeyer, where she took on more and more responsibilities, and today is Pahlmeyer’s president.

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Doug Shafer and Chris Carpenter

Chris Carpenter 50 minutes

At nearly 30, Chris Carpenter moved to Napa, earned a viticulture degree at UC Davis, and went on to become winemaker at Lokoya, Cardinale, Mt. Brave, and La Jota here in the Valley and Hickinbotham in Australia. In this episode, Chris talks about what it takes to make wines of beauty and distinction on two continents.

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Doug Shafer and Michael Honig

Michael Honig 55 minutes

In the 1980s Michael Honig took over the family’s Napa Valley vineyard property and started Honig Winery, focusing on Sauvignon Blanc. While making Sauvignon Blanc is popular today, 20 or 30 years ago it was a steep uphill climb. He’s seen it all and tells great stories about making it in the wine business. Enjoy!

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Doug Shafer and Cathy Corison

Cathy Corison 43 minutes

Cathy Corison discovered her passion for wine almost by accident when she was a biology major in college. She went on to study winemaking at UC Davis and ventured into the wine business, which in the 1980s was not always eager to hire a woman. Undaunted, she pursued a personal vision for wine produced at the intersection of power and elegance – and has succeeded. Enjoy!

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Doug Shafer and Paul Hobbs

Paul Hobbs 69 minutes

He grew up one of 11 children on an apple farm and went on to become one of the most celebrated names in the world of wine. The epic story of Paul Hobbs includes names such as Robert Mondavi, Zelma Long, Larry Hyde, Michel Rolland, and Andy Beckstoffer and winds through Napa, Sonoma, the Finger Lakes, Argentina, France, Spain, and Armenia. You won’t want to miss this great wine adventure. Enjoy!

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Doug Shafer and Jim Regusci

Jim Regusci 54 minutes

The Regusci family has lived in Napa Valley 120 years. Jim Regusci grew up on the historic property, which today is the home of Regusci Winery. Besides running the family winery, Jim owns a vineyard management company and is a partner in T-Vine and Tank Garage Winery. He and Doug also talk about how they met over a bottle of Wild Turkey. Enjoy!

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Doug Shafer and Carmen Policy

Carmen Policy 54 minutes

Carmen Policy practiced law in Youngstown, Ohio, when his career took an unexpected turn -- he began doing legal work for the San Francisco 49ers in the late 1970s. He eventually became the team’s CEO, earning five Superbowl rings.

Today Policy’s winery, Casa Piena, is a neighbor of Shafer’s and Carmen and Doug enjoy a conversation spanning wine, family, and football.

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Doug Shafer and Michael Twelftree

Michael Twelftree 52 minutes

Michael Twelftree was a construction business owner with a taste for rum. In the late 1990s he fell in love with wine and by 2000 he’d launched his now-celebrated Two Hands Wines, an Australian winery which has won countless accolades in the world of fine wine. Twelftree believes in the power of the vineyard saying, “The day you pick the grapes, you make the wine.”

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Doug Shafer and Heidi Barrett

Heidi Barrett 68 minutes

Heidi Barrett has produced extraordinary wines for clients including Screaming Eagle, Paradigm, Dalle Valle, and many more. One of her Cabernets holds the record as the most ever paid for a single bottle of wine -- $500,000 at Auction Napa Valley. Today she has her own wine brand, La Sirena, and another with her husband, Bo Barrett of Chateau Montelena, called Barrett & Barrett.

On this episode of the podcast, Heidi takes Doug through one of the most fascinating careers and life stories in the Valley. Enjoy! For more visit: or
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Doug Shafer and Pete Seghesio

Pete Seghesio 49 minutes

Pete Seghesio tells the incredible 120-year story of his family in Sonoma County from Italian immigrants with only a love of farming to leaving a lasting legacy in the world of fine wine. Today Pete has two wine brands of his own and a salumi enterprise, Journeyman Meat Co.
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Doug Shafer and John Anthony Truchard

John Anthony Truchard 57 minutes

Before John Anthony Truchard started high-end brand, John Anthony Vineyards, or his runaway brand JaM Cellars, he was a kid growing up working in vineyards with his dad, Tony Truchard. It’s been a long, crazy journey to the success he enjoys today. For more on John Truchard visit
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Doug Shafer and Marc Mondavi

Marc Mondavi 45 minutes

Marc Mondavi grew up at Charles Krug Winery in St. Helena and learned the wine business from his father, Peter Mondavi. Marc tells wild stories of growing up in Napa Valley and talks of his optimism as a new generation joins the family enterprise. For more info visit
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Doug Shafer and Leslie Sbrocco

Leslie Sbrocco 46 minutes

Doug Shafer talks with TV host and “wine translator” Leslie Sbrocco, known to millions from her fast-paced wine segments with Kathy Lee and Hoda Kotb on The Today Show, her PBS show Check Please, Bay Area and her books including Wine For Women. For more on Leslie Sbrocco visit
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Doug Shafer and John Skupny

John Skupny 64 minutes

Doug Shafer talks with vintner John Skupny, whose resume includes working with Francis Ford Coppola at Inglenook, Bernard Portet at Clos du Val, and Charlie and Chuck Wagner at Caymus before he and his wife Tracey launched their own winery, Lang & Reed, specializing in Cabernet Franc. For more on John Skupny visit:
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Cindy Pawlcyn 40 minutes

Doug Shafer talks with chef Cindy Pawlcyn, who is credited with launching the current era of Napa Valley’s restaurant scene, when she opened Mustards in 1983. She went on to open Fog City Diner in San Francisco, Cindy’s Backstreet Kitchen in St. Helena, Calif., and win a James Beard Award for one of her cookbooks. For more on Cindy Pawlcyn visit:
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